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Autumn Glory in Powerscourt Gardens

Posted by Catherine Day on Oct 16, 2018 4:23:00 PM

I always find it hard to let go of summer, but the beautiful golden light of October is one of my favourite things about autumn.

We visited the gardens on a sunny Saturday afternoon in early October “to kick up some leaves” – this was the children’s idea, which is why they made sure to put on their waterproofs before setting off. 

As a matter-of-fact, the leaves had already started to turn but not enough of them had fallen to the ground to carry out their plan. Without a moment’s hesitation, they decided to roll down the grassy banks instead.

rolling down bank


running back up the hill

As large clouds drifted by across the blue sky, we walked on through the gardens and the children moved on to other games. Everywhere we looked, autumn showed off nature’s glorious colours – a solitary mushroom here, a timid beech nut there, a bunch of fading hydrangeas over there.

Dolphin pond




autumn sun on hydrangea


beech tree leaves

But who knew autumn leaves came in this dazzling shade of pink?

red leaves


children in japanese gardens


autumn leaves in hand


changing colours


Japenese Gardens walk

In the Japanese Garden, the inevitable game of hide-and-seek started, and the sunlight also seemed to play peek-a-boo behind the trees.

Triton Lake fountain


triton Lake & house autumn


Looking into Japanese gardens


tree leaves


sitting in the pagoda


bridge in japanese gardens


Water feature japanese gardens


off on his own japanese gardens


Acer Autumn foliage


low sun Japanese gardens

On the way to the Pepperpot Tower, the 5 year old hid (not very well, admittedly!) under the shade of a giant gunnera leaf.

Under Giant Gunnera Leaf

Then by the time we looked for more autumn treasures in this part of the gardens and climbed up the Pepperpot Tower, which prompted a new game of castles under attack, time was running out to go and grab a hot chocolate at the Avoca Cafe. But that’ll be for another time...



Wow thats tall


Peppperpot Tower


Sugarloaf Mountain


Atop the Pepperpot


Dont jump


Flower pots




Annette is a family blogger exploring Ireland’s great outdoors with four children and a camera. She is French, married to an Irish man, and they live in beautiful county Wicklow.

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Snowy Mother’s Day at the Powerscourt Waterfall

Posted by Catherine Day on Mar 14, 2018 9:02:00 AM

We didn’t expect to still find snow at the Powerscourt Waterfall. After all, a week after Ireland’s heaviest snow event in a decade, the white stuff was already long gone from our seaside town.

Powerscourt Waterfall in the snow March 2018

Yet only a few kilometres inland, in the Wicklow Mountains, the narrow windy roads were swamped with gushing melt water and lined with piles of dirty snow left by the clearing operations.

Waterfall March 2018

On that mild, damp Mother’s Day, the acorns were dressed for the weather, wearing their full rain gear and their wellies, as they like wading in the river. But no gloves to play in the snow at the Powerscourt Waterfall!

Playing at Waterfall Playground March 2018

busy despite the cold and snow March 2018

Fun in the cold

hanging on march 2018

playground climbing

Following the obligatory first stage at the wonderful playground, we made our way to the waterfall. The vast picnic field around it was all but flooded under deep banks of melting snow. Not to be deterred by the icy temperature, the acorns literally filled their boots jumping and running through the slushy puddles.

snow play march 2018



Mother’s Day

The highest waterfall in Ireland, heavy with melt water from the Wicklow Mountains, was more powerful than we’ve ever seen it, roaring and crashing and spraying the swollen river in a thick veil of mist.

Enjoying the view march 2018

mesmerized march 2018

Further downstream, the acorns had a snowball fight with Brian, gloves or no gloves! They raced clumps of snow through a drainpipe under the path, checking how much had melted when they reached the other side.

wintery march

Finally, it took a huge team effort to lift a heavy lump of snow off the riverbank and into the fast-flowing water. As it slowly melted away in the current, we followed it downstream all the way to the little wooden bridge that we discovered on our previous visit, last October.

full flow

With the trails beyond the bridge still closed due to the snow, we made our way back to the car. Winter certainly lingers in Wicklow, but seeing the acorns happily play in the snow at the Powerscourt Waterfall was the ideal Mother’s Day gift!

Waterfall March 2018


About the Guest Blogger

Annette is French, married to an Irish man, and they live in Wicklow with their four bilingual children. She blogs in English and French at Four Acorns / Quatre graines de chêne to inspire families to unplug, go outside and reconnect with nature and with each other.


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