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Avoca Powerscourt's Giant Meringues with Pistachios

Posted by Aoife O'Driscoll on Jan 11, 2019 11:54:17 AM

Over the past 20 years we have tried all sorts of meringue recipes and ideas from pavlovas and roulades, to nests and shells. These giant shapes are a new sticky and delicious addition to the repertoire. The best thing about these is that you don’t need to worry about them being misshapen or large, this makes them all the better!

Avoca Raspberry and Pistachio meringues b

Serves 8

Pre-heat the oven to 110°c / gas mark ½

360g caster sugar

6 large egg whites (room temperature)

40g pistachios, finely chopped

1tbsp rosewater

While we’ve gone for this flavour combination this time this recipe is made for experimentation – Why not try adding 40g chopped walnuts and 1tbsp coffee essence or 1tbsp raspberry purée or strawberry purée or a drop of red food colouring

  • Line a flat baking sheet with a piece of baking parchment.
  • Place the egg whites in a spotlessly clean metal or glass bowl, not plastic as it can absorb grease which could affect the volume of your egg whites as they are whisked.
  • Add in half the sugar and, using an electric mixer with a balloon whisk attachment, whisk until the mixture forms soft peaks and is visibly increased in volume. Continue whisking, adding the remaining sugar in three stages, allowing the mixture to absorb the sugar between each addition. This will take about 10-15 minutes, by which the meringues should have formed stiff peaks. Using a metal spoon gently fold in the pistachios and rosewater, or your flavour of choice.
  • Use 2 large serving or kitchen spoons to place 8 oval-shaped meringues on the baking sheet allowing plenty of room between each meringue as they will double in size.
  • Bake in the oven for about 90 minutes depending on their size. You will know they are cooked when they can be easily lifted off the paper.

From A Year at Avoca (Cookbook 3)

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Powerscourt Estate Announced Winner at Asia Matters Business Awards

Posted by Catherine Day on Nov 23, 2018 5:06:17 PM

Sarah Slazenger with Niall Gibbons_Tourism Ireland_Award_Asia Matters

[Enniskerry, Co Wicklow November 2018] Powerscourt Estate, Enniskerry has been awarded the Regional Asia Business Initiative Award at the culmination of the Asia Matters Business Summit 2018. The inaugural awards event took place on Monday 19th November at the InterContinental Hotel in Dublin.

Presented by Asia Matters in partnership with the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation, the Asia Matters Business Awards recongnise Irish Companies who have achieved strategic success in Asia. Sponsored by PWC, IDA Ireland and Enterprise Ireland, the judges were looking for evidence of clear business results through ‘innovative and well executed Asia specific strategic approach’ to the market.

Sarah Slazenger, Managing Director of Powerscourt Estate, discusses her pride in winning this award: “We are so delighted to be named as winner among such prestigious nominees. Our commitment to the Asian Market and expanding our marketing reach started in 2014 with the visit of the then First Secretary of the Chinese Peoples Party, Mr Lui Yunshan. Since that time we have worked closely with Tourism Ireland, Failte Ireland, Wicklow County Council and Wicklow Tourism to develop key relationships within the Asian market to welcome and facilitate visitors from Asia and specifically China. In 2017, visitors from China grew by 47%, making them the third-most important market in terms of visitors to the gardens. It is a wonderful honour to receive this award and recognition for our ongoing commitment in this area.”

Powerscourt Estate is one of Ireland’s iconic tourism destinations. Ranked as one of the top 10 visitor attractions in Ireland, it receives over half a million visitors annually. In 2014, Powerscourt Gardens were ranked No.3 in the World’s Top 10 Gardens by National Geographic. The Gardens were designed from 1731 onwards, with the desire to create a garden which was part of the wider surrounding landscape. The creators were inspired by international influences from Europe, the Americas and Asia. The Gardens stretch over 47 acres and offer visitors a sublime blend of formal gardens, sweeping terraces, statues and ornamental lakes, secret hollows and rambling walks.

The Powerscourt brand is associated with a distinct heritage, elegance and timelessness. Also located within the Powerscourt Estate are two championship Golf Courses, Ireland’s Highest Waterfall, the Five Star Powerscourt Hotel, Cool Planet Experience and the Powerscourt Distillery.

Powerscourt Estate Team with Award_Asia Matters 2018

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Powerscourt Estate Shortlisted in Asia Matters Business Awards 2018

Posted by Catherine Day on Nov 16, 2018 12:20:00 PM

Powerscourt House lit red for EU China Light Bridge celebrations

[Enniskerry, Co Wicklow] Powerscourt Estate in County Wicklow has been shortlisted in the category of Regional Asia Business Initiative (Tourism) at the Asia Matters Business Awards 2018.

Presented by the Asia Matters in partnership with the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation, the Inaugural Asia Matters Business Awards recongnise Irish Companies who have achieved strategic success in Asia. Sponsored by PWC, IDA Ireland, Enterprise Ireland and Ibec, the judges were looking for evidence of clear business results through ‘innovative and well executed Asia specific strategic approach’ to the market.

Sarah Slazenger, Managing Director of Powerscourt Estate said:

“Powerscourt Estate is delighted to have received a nomination among such a prestigious group. Given our ongoing commitment and investment in the Asian Market, including joining the Tourism Ireland delegation to China for the past 2 years, this nomination recognises the effort we have made to attract and welcome Asian tourists to Powerscourt and Wicklow.”

“Powerscourt attracts over 500,000 visitors each year into the region and visitor numbers to the gardens from both the China and Asian markets have risen by 22% and 19% respectively in the current year. Our dynamic and multilingual interpretive guides have allowed us to create a deeper and more engaging experience for our Asian visitors and bring to life the characters and stories from Powerscourt’s 800 years of rich and exciting history.  This combined with our ongoing commitment to training staff and to the Asian market will help grow our visitor numbers further and have a positive knock on effect for other businesses in the region.”

Set in the wild Wicklow countryside overlooking the Sugarloaf Mountain, Powerscourt is one of Ireland’s most beautiful and intriguing country estates. The Gardens stretch over 47 acres and offer visitors a sublime blend of formal gardens, sweeping terraces, statues and ornamental lakes, secret hollows and rambling walks.

Also located within the Powerscourt Estate are two championship Golf Courses, Ireland’s Highest Waterfall, the Five Star Powerscourt Hotel, Cool Planet Experience and the Powerscourt Distillery.

Winners will be announced on 19th November at the Gala Dinner hosted by Grainne Seoige at the Intercontinental Hotel, Ballsbridge at the culmination of The Global Asia Matters Business Summit in Dublin.

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Autumn Glory in Powerscourt Gardens

Posted by Catherine Day on Oct 16, 2018 4:23:00 PM

I always find it hard to let go of summer, but the beautiful golden light of October is one of my favourite things about autumn.

We visited the gardens on a sunny Saturday afternoon in early October “to kick up some leaves” – this was the children’s idea, which is why they made sure to put on their waterproofs before setting off. 

As a matter-of-fact, the leaves had already started to turn but not enough of them had fallen to the ground to carry out their plan. Without a moment’s hesitation, they decided to roll down the grassy banks instead.

rolling down bank


running back up the hill

As large clouds drifted by across the blue sky, we walked on through the gardens and the children moved on to other games. Everywhere we looked, autumn showed off nature’s glorious colours – a solitary mushroom here, a timid beech nut there, a bunch of fading hydrangeas over there.

Dolphin pond




autumn sun on hydrangea


beech tree leaves

But who knew autumn leaves came in this dazzling shade of pink?

red leaves


children in japanese gardens


autumn leaves in hand


changing colours


Japenese Gardens walk

In the Japanese Garden, the inevitable game of hide-and-seek started, and the sunlight also seemed to play peek-a-boo behind the trees.

Triton Lake fountain


triton Lake & house autumn


Looking into Japanese gardens


tree leaves


sitting in the pagoda


bridge in japanese gardens


Water feature japanese gardens


off on his own japanese gardens


Acer Autumn foliage


low sun Japanese gardens

On the way to the Pepperpot Tower, the 5 year old hid (not very well, admittedly!) under the shade of a giant gunnera leaf.

Under Giant Gunnera Leaf

Then by the time we looked for more autumn treasures in this part of the gardens and climbed up the Pepperpot Tower, which prompted a new game of castles under attack, time was running out to go and grab a hot chocolate at the Avoca Cafe. But that’ll be for another time...



Wow thats tall


Peppperpot Tower


Sugarloaf Mountain


Atop the Pepperpot


Dont jump


Flower pots




Annette is a family blogger exploring Ireland’s great outdoors with four children and a camera. She is French, married to an Irish man, and they live in beautiful county Wicklow.

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Chapterhouse Theatre Company presents Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – July 2018

Posted by Catherine Day on Jul 20, 2018 3:16:29 PM

The Walled Garden at Powerscourt Estate and Gardens was the beautiful setting for the return of Chapterhouse Theatre to Ireland this weekend, for a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon of Mad Hatter madness with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.



The atmosphere was wonderful with families of all generations spread out on picnic blankets, smiling and laughing, with the odd shower of rain that no one minded. This new telling of an old classic, with songs and puppetry, is a trademark of Chapterhouse Theatre and its brilliant cast of young actors. The show itself was very funny and engaging and watching Alice and her adventure in such a beautiful setting made it impossible to not be taken away and drawn into the story telling. Kids were enthralled to be invited to the Mad Hatters Tea Party and roared with laughter at some of characters.







The interval allows time for a visit to Avoca to buy snacks, drinks or ice creams. Its an incredibly relaxing setting and I would highly recommend outside theatre productions as an introduction to any new theatre goers. The Walled Garden is an intimate, safe and welcoming environment and included in the ticket price is free entry to the world class Powerscourt Gardens.


Make sure you come and see them next summer – a really lovely afternoon going down the rabbithole with Alice.



Kerry Gordon lives by the sea, overlooked by the Wicklow Mountains, with her daughter Molly and greyhound Lola. She is a long term blogger for Powerscourt Estate and Gardens and enjoys nothing more than visiting Powerscourt Waterfall, strolling around Powerscourt Gardens, followed by a tasty scone and pot of tea at Avoca in the main house. She is found most weekends at the River Walk walking with Lola. Kerry can be contacted @kerrymgordon on twitter. 

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Making the World Mobility Friendly

Posted by Lucy Wyndham on Jun 14, 2018 1:20:22 PM

Access For All At Powerscourt Estate

Everyone at Powerscourt Estate was enormously proud when National Geographic voted the gardens the third best in the entire world. When you consider the other spectacular sights that form the National Geographic top ten, it gives you an inkling of just how special the gardens at Powerscourt really are.

With that in mind, it has always been top of the agenda to ensure the beauty and majesty of the gardens, not to mention the other attractions at Powerscourt, can be enjoyed by everyone. Providing access to all, regardless of mobility issues is a topic that is rightfully attracting more and more attention across the globe. At Powerscourt, it is something we have been working on for a number of years and has resulted in the house and gardens being ranked among the best on Ireland’s Mobility Mojo website.

Visiting the waterfall by wheelchair

At 121 metres (398 feet) Powerscourt waterfall is the highest in Ireland. It, and the scenic river walk leading up to it are among the most popular visitor attractions in the country and the waterfall makes the perfect backdrop for a picnic on a summer’s day. If the word “walk” causes concern, don’t let it. The path to the waterfall is wide and easily traversed by wheelchair, and you can even drive the car right next to the waterfall itself - it means even those with the most severe mobility challenges can enjoy its beauty.


House and shop


Powerscourt House might have a history dating back 800 years, but it is completely modern when it comes to meeting mobility needs. Wheelchair users can be dropped off at the door, and the house is fully accessible. There are disabled toilets throughout, and there is even a lift to allow those in wheelchairs to get up to the ballroom. The cafe and shop are similarly easy to access, and there are even wheelchairs available for use on the day - booking in advance is recommended, just to be on the safe side.



The Gardens

So what of those magnificent gardens that received such an accolade? There are some areas that have steep steps, but these need not detract from anyone and everyone’s ability to enjoy the gardens at Powerscourt to the full. A clearly marked disabled route will guide wheelchair users around the property and ensure they do not miss a thing.



A right, not a privilege

The ability to access and enjoy facilities is a basic right that applies to everyone, regardless of their mobility. This is a principle that is taken deadly seriously at Powerscourt, and you can be sure that whatever your personal circumstances, you will be able to enjoy everything this historic estate has to offer.

More information on our accessibility is available on our website at:

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Snowy Mother’s Day at the Powerscourt Waterfall

Posted by Catherine Day on Mar 14, 2018 9:02:00 AM

We didn’t expect to still find snow at the Powerscourt Waterfall. After all, a week after Ireland’s heaviest snow event in a decade, the white stuff was already long gone from our seaside town.

Powerscourt Waterfall in the snow March 2018

Yet only a few kilometres inland, in the Wicklow Mountains, the narrow windy roads were swamped with gushing melt water and lined with piles of dirty snow left by the clearing operations.

Waterfall March 2018

On that mild, damp Mother’s Day, the acorns were dressed for the weather, wearing their full rain gear and their wellies, as they like wading in the river. But no gloves to play in the snow at the Powerscourt Waterfall!

Playing at Waterfall Playground March 2018

busy despite the cold and snow March 2018

Fun in the cold

hanging on march 2018

playground climbing

Following the obligatory first stage at the wonderful playground, we made our way to the waterfall. The vast picnic field around it was all but flooded under deep banks of melting snow. Not to be deterred by the icy temperature, the acorns literally filled their boots jumping and running through the slushy puddles.

snow play march 2018



Mother’s Day

The highest waterfall in Ireland, heavy with melt water from the Wicklow Mountains, was more powerful than we’ve ever seen it, roaring and crashing and spraying the swollen river in a thick veil of mist.

Enjoying the view march 2018

mesmerized march 2018

Further downstream, the acorns had a snowball fight with Brian, gloves or no gloves! They raced clumps of snow through a drainpipe under the path, checking how much had melted when they reached the other side.

wintery march

Finally, it took a huge team effort to lift a heavy lump of snow off the riverbank and into the fast-flowing water. As it slowly melted away in the current, we followed it downstream all the way to the little wooden bridge that we discovered on our previous visit, last October.

full flow

With the trails beyond the bridge still closed due to the snow, we made our way back to the car. Winter certainly lingers in Wicklow, but seeing the acorns happily play in the snow at the Powerscourt Waterfall was the ideal Mother’s Day gift!

Waterfall March 2018


About the Guest Blogger

Annette is French, married to an Irish man, and they live in Wicklow with their four bilingual children. She blogs in English and French at Four Acorns / Quatre graines de chêne to inspire families to unplug, go outside and reconnect with nature and with each other.


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The Gardens at Christmas

Posted by Catherine Day on Jan 2, 2018 11:53:00 AM

The Gardens at Powerscourt are beautiful at any time of year, but the chaning seasons adds another dimension. Kerry Gordon, a regular guest blogger for us, captures the beauty of the Gardens in the winter sun before the new year sets in.


The house, shining in the golden sunlight, is reflected in the detailed gilding of the gates.


The pond around the Japanese Gardens looks frozen in the shaded garden.


Triton Lake glistens while the winged horse rises into the fading daylight.


Late afternoon shadows stretch to the golden hued house.


The upper terrace casts its shadows.


Headed home...




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Winter & Christmas Floral Design Demonstrations

Posted by Aoife O'Driscoll on Nov 13, 2017 3:29:43 PM

Ever wondered how to create a show-stopping Christmas centrepiece for the dining table or a beautiful festive wreath?

Join some of the brightest stars in the Irish floral industry at Powerscourt Garden Pavilion in North County Wicklow, where they will demonstrate a selection of festive floral pieces to inspire you to make your own at home. The demonstrations take place on November 15th, 23rd and 29th at 11am in Powerscourt Estate’s Garden Pavilion, located in Enniskerry just minutes from South County Dublin.

Christmas Floral Demonstration (2).jpg

Our floral designers’ easy step by step designs and top tips will get you one step ahead with your Christmas preparations. Using the finest foliages, flowers and berries along with pine cones and cinnamon, you will learn how to add a little extra Christmas magic to your home.

The workshops will feature one of Ireland’s emerging young talents, Harumi Langford whose Japanese influenced contemporary style has won her many admirers. Brenda Joyce from the Association of Floral Artists will create warming wreaths, gorgeous garlands and traditional table pieces. Lastly, Janette O’Rourke, owner of Kay’s Flower School will be sharing her 30 years’ experience in the industry with easy to copy designs for your home.

Christmas Floral Demonstration (1).jpg

So come along and create something bright and beautiful for your home this Christmas. Tickets are €5 including refreshments.

They are available for purchase online from

There will be a raffle of the items created at the demonstration. All proceeds from the raffle will go towards the Wicklow Hospice Foundation.

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Launch of the book ‘Powerscourt Golf Club – Celebrating 20 Years’

Posted by Aoife O'Driscoll on Nov 13, 2017 1:08:59 PM

The members and friends of Powerscourt Golf Club recently gathered to mark the publication of a book celebrating the club’s 20 years of success and to toast its next 20 years. MC on the day was television & radio presenter Craig Doyle, a Powerscourt member.

Powerscourt Book Launch (1)

A portrait of the Late Dr. Michael Slazenger, Chairman and Chief Executive of Powerscourt Estate, who oversaw the development of the 2 golf courses at Powerscourt.

Powerscourt Golf Club is in one magnificent setting in beautiful County Wicklow with two championship golf courses. The book tells more of its story.

The book is dedicated to the late Dr Michael Slazenger, Chairman and Chief Executive of Powerscourt Estate, who oversaw the development of the 2 golf courses at Powerscourt.

Powerscourt Book Launch (2)

Sarah Slazenger – Managing Director of Powerscourt Estate is presented with copy of the 20th Anniversary Book by past Lady Captain Brenda Quinlan.

His vision, in its brilliance, and his venture, in its boldness, has produced a timeless legacy. This legacy and inheritance has been carefully nurtured by many people for more than 20 years.

The book is a celebration of members, past and present. It is also a celebration of a community and the strong links forged with other communities.

Powerscourt Book Launch (4)

Fellow PGA Golf Professional Paul Thompson and Jacqui Farrell are presented with a copy of the Powerscourt Golf Club 20th Anniversary Book by Golf Club Manager Gavin Hunt. This is to celebrate their own 20 years at Powerscourt Golf Club, since its opening in 2006.

The book is big in ambition with more than 240 pages, more than 900 photographs, provided by almost 100 contributors. It is full of intimate insights on the Club’s key developments shared by the owners and management. Also, all the Captains and a great number of members offered their own delightful personal anecdotes and stories.

Powerscourt Book Launch (3)

President Joe Duignan receives a copy of the Powerscourt Golf Club 20th Anniversary Book from John Power – Chairman of the Book Committee.

These stories are worth telling, as much as they are well told. Copies of the book are available at Powerscourt Golf Club.

Powerscourt Book Launch (6)

2017 Captains Paddy Boyle & Christine O’Neill make a presentation to 20th Anniversary Captains Aidan Daly & Aedamar Dunne.

Powerscourt Book Launch (5)


Tom Clarke, Director of Powerscourt Estate and retired former General Manager is presented with a copy of the 20th Anniversary Book by Fellow PGA Golf Professional Paul Thompson. Tom has been involved with Powerscourt Estate for the past 56 years. 

Powerscourt Book Launch (7)


20th Anniversary Lady Captain Aedamar Dunne receives the Powerscourt Golf Club 20th Anniversary Book from 2017 Lady Captain Christine O’Neill.


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