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Winter's Day Photography Walk at Powerscourt

Posted by Aoife O'Driscoll on Jan 16, 2015 11:31:40 AM

Join award-winning Landscape and Nature photographer Fran Byrne for a guided winter photography walk on Sunday 8th February at 10am in the beautiful Powerscourt Gardens in Enniskerry, County Wicklow. It is a great opportunity to get out and about with your camera, meet new people, discuss all things photography and enjoy the grounds at Powerscourt.


Image Credit: Brian Morrison

Winter is one of the best times to enjoy a leisurely stroll through the gardens and capture the winter light, striking statues, gates and beautiful Wicklow countryside. The walk is open to all levels of photographers. It is the first photo walk in the gardens this year and others will follow in spring, summer and autumn so photographers can capture the beauty of Powerscourt, season after season.


Image Credit: Brian Morrison

Bring along your camera and a sense of adventure! The walk is 3 hours long and costs €10, including entry to Powerscourt Gardens so it’s great value. Placed are limited and advance booking through is essential.

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Conifers at Powerscourt Estate

Posted by Aoife O'Driscoll on Jan 16, 2015 11:24:33 AM


From the 200 year old beech trees along the avenue at Powerscourt, to the Monkey Puzzle trees that were among the first of their kind to be planted in Ireland, the trees at Powerscourt are special. Learn more about conifers at Powerscourt in our article and drop by the gardens soon to see them in person!


Conifers have narrow leaves, which can be needle-like or scaly. Their seeds usually develop inside protective woody cones and most trees are evergreen.

Sitka Spruce (Picea sitchensis)

Native to western North America, Sitka spruce was introduced into Ireland in the 1830’s. Fast growing and well suited for our climate, today it is our most versatile and commonly planted forest tree. The wood from Sitka spruce is known as ‘white deal’ and is widely used as a building and fencing material.



Tree trivia

The first successful powered airplane, the Wright brothers’ Flyer, was built using Sitka spruce.

Larch (Larix decidua)

Larch is the only deciduous conifer in Ireland, and was brought here about 350 years ago. Its soft, bright green needles turn an attractive yellow before they fall in the late autumn, leaving the tree bare for winter.


Tree trivia

The rot-resistant, reddish-brown heartwood of larch is flexible, durable and attractive, making it a popular choice for yacht building.  

Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris)

This tall native conifer was known as one of the ‘nobles of the wood’ in medieval Irish culture, and was highly prized for its resin. To this day it is still valued for its many commercial applications. The pale red wood, known as ‘red deal’, is light and strong and ideal for making doors, floors, decking and paper.


Tree trivia

The needles can be boiled in water to produce an aromatic tea which is helpful in the treatment of bronchial conditions.

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Powerscourt Estate celebrates strong visitor numbers in 2014

Posted by Aoife O'Driscoll on Jan 14, 2015 3:35:33 PM

Powerscourt Estate is celebrating very strong visitor numbers in 2014 as 380,000 guests visited Powerscourt Gardens and Waterfall over the past 12 months. This represents a +10% increase on 2013 visitor numbers and confirms Powerscourt Estate’s place as the most visited paid tourist attraction in County Wicklow. 233,000 people visited Powerscourt Gardens in 2014, up +11% over the previous year, while visitors to Powerscourt Waterfall were up by +8% at 147,000.

Some high-profile visitors to the estate in 2014 included the President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins and his wife Sabina, Chinese political leader Mr. Liu Yunshan, actors Timothy Dalton, Josh Hartnett, Colin Farrell, Gabriel Byrne and Travis Flimmel (known for his lead role as Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings). Popular TV series filmed on the estate in 2014 included gothic horror ‘Penny Dreadful’ and the historical drama ‘Vikings.’


Visitors from the United Kingdom to Powerscourt Gardens were up by +56% while USA visitors were up +50%. Visitors from China to Powerscourt grew by 25%, making them the third-most important market in terms of visitors to the gardens.

Celebrating the high number of visitors achieved, Sarah Slazenger, Managing Director of Powerscourt Estate commented: "2014 confirmed that our stunning Powerscourt House and Gardens is a must-see attraction in Ireland.  Now number 3 in the world's top ten gardens, as voted by National Geographic and awarded a certificate of excellence by Tripadvisor, it justifies our continued programme of investment in providing a better and better experience for our visitors.”

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Head Gardener's Update with Michael Byrne

Posted by Aoife O'Driscoll on Jan 5, 2015 1:07:00 PM

A very Happy New Year from me and all the gardeners! This week has started off very mild so it's perfect weather for getting outdoors and moving forward with our projects for Powerscourt Gardens this January. We are delighted with the progress we are making on renovating our Victorian greenhouses.


The greenhouse before renovation

These beautiful structures have aged over time and were starting to show signs of wear and tear. They needed glass and old timbers replacing to bring them back to their former glory. We have just completed the first renovation of one of the greenhouses and are delighted with the results!


Before and After Pictures of the Greenhouses

The second greenhouse will be completed shortly. I am sure you agree that they look fantastic and I am particularly looking forward to seeing them surrounded by the roses in full bloom this summer. We hope to use the greenhouses to store tropical plants and unusual plants which will be of interest to our visitors.


The greenhouse after renovation

The gardening team are busy rejunvinating the herbaceous boder this month, completing work which began last October. We are re-planting the entire border and replacing 70% of the plants with new and interesting specimens. This is the first major overhaul of the planting along the border in 20 years and we are carrying it out to refresh the soil and help the plants to thrive better. The herbaceous border can be seen at its very best in June and July, although there it plenty of colours at other times of the year, especially in spring when the daffodils arrive. There will be some striking pink and purple colour themes along the border near the pond area with plants including Nepeta Walker’s Low (which was a very popular plant last year), underplanted with Ann Thomson geraniums. We are all looking forward to seeing these plants in bloom later this year.


Image Credit

Due to the work going on along the border, we have had the opportunity to dig out the space and plant even more tulips and daffoils! We have planted an extra 2,000 tulips and daffs along the border this year. Come April, you will be able to enjoy over 12,000 tulips in the gardens and thousands of daffodils as well. 


The winter bedding in the gardens looks very well and included red and yellow Polyanthus while the Bellus is flowering in red and white. Our Camelias are in full bud and will produce a really nice display within the next 2 weeks. Be sure to pop by the walled garden and see our display!


Lastly, while witner is not a traditional time of year for colour, is it a great time to enjoy the statuary in Powerscourt Gardens in all its glory. The starkness of the statues against the greenery of the gardens really makes them stand out, particularly on a bright winter's day. I really recommend you to experience Powerscourt throughout the seasons as there is always something new to see. I spot something new every day I am at work here! 


Finally, i will leave you with a picture of our visit to Aras an uachtarain a few months ago. We welcomed President Higgins and his wife Sabina to Powerscourt Gardens last summer and were delighted to receive a return invitation to meet with the Head Gardener and his team there and tour of the gardens. We gave the President’s Head Gardener a Japanese Red Cedar tree that we grew ourselves from one that the Prince of Wales planted in the gardens in 1911.

Until next month!

Michael Byrne, Head Gardener at Powerscourt Gardens

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The Beautiful & Whimsical Pepper Pot Tower in Powerscourt Gardens

Posted by Aoife O'Driscoll on Jan 2, 2015 4:44:29 PM

The Pepperpot Tower is one of the most whimsical and unusual features that you will find in Powerscourt Gardens! Be sure to visit the tower and climb to the top where you can survey the gardens from on high. The Pepperport Tower is located in Tower Valley in the Wicklow gardens, in one of the quieter and wooded areas of the estate.



The Site for the Pepper Pot Tower

The stones from the tower were originally part of a church, located on the grounds of Powerscourt. When Lord Powerscourt commissioned  a new church for the Enniskerry Community within the town iself, the old one on the estate was torn down. When mulling over what to do with the stones, Lord Powerscourt though of his favourite Pepper Pot, a inch pot from his dining table! He decided to create a tower modelled on it and add a new feature to Powerscourt Gardens. The tower was built in 1911, to commemorate the visit of the Prince of Wales to Powerscourt.


Construction of the Tower


To give the tower an authentic and old fashioned look, it was partly constructed using stones from the old church on the grounds of Powerscourt, and decorated with cannons, including some from historic events such as the Spanish Armada and the Battle of the Boyne. From the top of the tower, views of the house and gardens can be enjoyed.


Construction of the Tower

The 8th Viscount was a keen supporter of the Scout and Guide youth organisations and encouraged their annual camps which he surveyed from the tower. The tradition of scouting at Powerscourt continues today with scout troops camping by the River Dargle which flows through the Estate.


Children by one of the cannons for the tower, just after its construction 


The path descending from the Pepper Pot Tower is known as The Viscount’s Walk, and passes through what was once known as The American Garden. This contains many fine specimens of North American conifers planted from seed, some of which are remarkable for their rarity and size in Ireland.



The Pepper Pot Tower Today

The next time you are in Powerscourt Gardens in Wicklow, be sure to visit the Pepperpot Tower and admire this wonderful curiosity for yourself!

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Is Powerscourt a place to visit more than once, and why?

Posted by Aoife O'Driscoll on Dec 23, 2014 11:52:06 AM

We recently ran a competition and asked our social media fans' Is Powerscourt a place to visit more than once, and why?' The prize was annual membership for one family and what we thought was the most intriguing and clear answer was the winner! Below are the entries and the winning entry was: 

Sue B: "Powerscourt Gardens is the most magnificent place to visit. You just can't see everything in one visit. As the seasons change the gardens change too. The beautiful thing about the gardens is the familiarity of the gardens, they welcome you each time like an old friend but as your welcomed in, its like you're finding things out about that friend you never knew. Lovely secrets at every turn. It's the one place you can go that you can lose yourself in time. You can visit every garden all at once or just sit back in your amazing surroundings and just watch the world go by. It truly is the closest place to Heaven. It lifts the heart, soothes the soul and energises the body"

Congrats Sue! Here are the other entries:  

Sharon K: Absolutely from the acres of springtime flowers to the snows of winter no two days are the same there is always something new to see :0)

Andrea C: I've been visiting powerscourt since I was a child, this magical place has held me captivated each and every time I go. From pretending to be a princess trapped in the tower or a geisha in the Japanese gardens, to first dates walking hand in hand around the lake, and the perfect place to practise photography skills in college right the way to today, when I take anyone who hasn't been before, half because I want to show powerscourt off to visitors, and half because I want an excuse to go again!


Beth H: Always something new to see and do in Powerscourt

Liz L: Everytime we visit the journey up the drive takes our breath away and that's only the beginning.There is something for everyone in such a magical place. It's fun for the family and also a place where my husband and I go when we want some time together in beautiful surroundings.Everytime I visit I get a warm tingling feeling it makes me do happy and I always look forward to our next visit.Thanks for all the memories, santa, communions, family days out..hope there will be many more happy memories in powerscourt.


Mira S: Any time I visit Dublin, powerscourt gardens is MUST. Every time it looks different but every time amazing!!!

Margaret C: because it is simply stunning and makes you happy to be alive!

Katherine OB: Powerscourt is a place to go and escape from everyday life. Its like another world in powerscourt


Fiona F: powerscourt is a year round beauty you have to see the pet graveyard in the damp dark weather the pepper tower in mid autumn surrounded by leaves and lunch should be enjoyed in high summer by the beautiful water and if your ever lucky enough to make it in the snow the entire world changes everything takes on a magical air and glow like something out of a fairytail much can be seen year round in powerscourt and much can be gained from seeing it 


Lyn K: A beautiful treat for all seasons!

Petra B: That must be the longest running competition ever. Over a year before we know the winner! But to answer the question: Powerscourt Estate is the most beautiful and peaceful place.

Cathy B: Beautiful peaceful place to walk around


Teresa C: powerscourt is like stepping back in time it is so beautiful as you step out on the terrace and view the italian gardens the grand steps down to them the japanese garden the pet cemetery of course you can enjoy the beautiful restaurant and shops here too you can sit out on the terrace and have your lucn and soak up the views of the the wicklow mountains

Martina B: Amazing and stunning the grounds are fab and inside is so lovely ..

Mark P: Love the gardens totally amazing would love to bring the kids for a chillaxing day

Andrea D: Because it is a timeless beauty!

Sarah C: Without a doubt it's a fantastic place for all ages. We were lucky to get a membership at Christmas last year and have loved it. The landscape changes weekly. There's fab events you can avail of weekly and the staff are amazing and super friendly. Fingers crossed Santa's good to us again this year x x



Elaine H: Most definitely love going different time of the year watching the seasons chamge in the leaves & flowers & savouring the peacefullness as you wander around the estate. Finishing off with a coffee in the avoca cafe.

Aisling ON: :It's an unspoilt beauty of Ireland 


Claudine C: Such a beautiful place to visit......I think I lived there in a past life and may have burried my pets at the pet cemetary !!!!! Merry Christmas

Sonja O: What a beautiful prize and one to share with all the family making memories in the great outdoors. Wonderful!

Michelle L: Yes definitely, it's looks different with every season, the different colours of trees in autumn are beautiful

Nat L: We go back as often as we can - why? Because it's a magical place somewhere between Narnia and Wonderland where I feel like a child again only happier. 

Celine H: I love Powerscourt it is just magical like Narnia in Wicklow...we have been many times and will continue to do so...we even visited the gardens when the house was in ruins....whenever we visit the locality we bring more visitors with us and recommend it to anyone going to visit the area   omg I honestly wrote this before reading anything is magical...a few times we have been the weather was not too good but as soon as we stepped into the garden the sun was shining there....wonderful, beautiful, it



Mick B: Every day is different..light, flowers.. Weather:) every day is special..

Margaret McG: I would love to visit given the chance we have never been. I looks wonderful at any time of year.

Tanya H: Because the romance of Powerscourt grows stronger with every visit 

Angela G: Absolutely love it, on my own, with my husband or with the kids. It is a sanctuary and you can't but be in good form the minute you enter the driveway wander up the drive and make your way through the house & into the gardens . You are transported into another world almost its maintained so beautifully. Living close I visit as much as I possibly can and most especially throughout the Autumn months as the leaves change's just breathtaking # one of my favourite places in the world

Kelley M: I have been to ireland 4 times and missed seeing Powerscourt each visit, though I've wished to see it. This year I'm making it a priority. Just bought my airfare last night and in July I will be blessed to finally view it's splendors! So excited!

Roisin F: There are so many different ways to spend your time at Powerscourt it's a sin not to return and experience more. There's the beautiful Waterfall set into the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains, a perfect spot for a family picnic and fun to be had in the playground. There's the woods full of wonder stretching all the way down from the gatehouse to the falls and the unforgettable formal gardens. The seasons and the changes they bring all make Powerscourt Estate such a special place.


Deirdre D:  Four seasons each bringing a different prospect of Powerscourt Estate ,waterfall, forest walks and breathtaking views, Past and present and on into the future.

Gwen O'B: Although we've only been on one trip there, we'd go back again and again. Ireland as a whole seems to only shift in lovelinness in different weather. However foul the onslaught of rain, it fails to ever blur the lush landscape beyond beauty. No matter how glaring the sun strikes the Oceanside, it can't conceal the powerful glory of waves cresting and shattering on jagged shorelines. Having only glimpsed powerscourt estate in the glimmering gleam of a fearlessly sunny day that saturated the gardens with their brightest pigments and watched the estate grounds become gilded with the stretching tendrils of a golden sunset, we can only imagine its utter beauty magnified throughout the seasons and wish only to see it turn each varying face of beauty to the world when we're around to see it.


Natacha O'B: From the beauty of its gardens and water features to the eccentricities of its follies and pet cemetery, there is something to feast your eyes and soul
Joe S: There's a lot of history there (since 1731) and history takes time. So many visits are required to appreciate all it offers.
Jackie D: A gorgeous and special family outing!
Cathleen K: Have to visit again because the first time we visited we didn't have our two boys with us - and we discovered that it is such a wonderous place with so much to see and do - we know they will love it as much as we did - so we are planning a return visit as soon as we can. 
Fiona L: Because you can bring the kids' imaginations to life in powerscourt.
Louisa C: Fantastic memories of family trips to powerscourt waterfall and gardens 
Nina: I loved it so much I blogged about it  my 5 kiddies adored it and made it an adventure never to be forgotten we really want to go back again and especially the four seasons to see the different flowers
Tracy H: It looks so magical it makes me want to tear up. I'd park up a chair and stare at the windows to see if I could see a ghost.
Mari B: because i went when i was little and i think it's time i brought my littlies!
Liz Mc C: Would love  to have a wander around the gardens have never seen would be lovely to get away from the stress of life and relax.
Kerry ML: Could you truly appreciate all its splendour and glory in just one visit???
Sarah P: So much to do in Powerscourt with just the grounds and the gardens not to the mention the restaurant. It can be for families or just a romantic getaway. Would go back numerous of times With or without kids.
Colm K: Beautiful gardens and walkways all year round
Teresa M: It is such a beatuiful place childhood memories
Diane A: The food is worth visiting for weekly never mind once a year. Plus that amazing shop that sells the fresh food. Salivating now
Mark Q: Lovely place to spend some relaxing time
Conor S: Since my great grandfather was a gardener there, it is truly wonderful to experience the gardens he worked in and the intriguing history of Powerscourt.
Kevin B: Like any beautiful place,each season brings new possibilities for walkers,photographers and nature lovers.
Ginger M: It's a truly beautiful and magical place. There's so very much to see that you have to visit it more than once to see it all and you have to visit it in more than one season of the year to take in the full expanse of beauty and majesty that it has to offer.
Veronica M: Its so beautiful would love to see it again
Angela M: : Because when I leave the city and spend some time at Powerscourt I feel like I'm in a different world. Love to bring my grandchildren there and have lot of fun together.
Ashley K: Food for my soul. I first visited when I was a small girl, life has changed, loves have been lost, but now Powerscourt is part of my history, great memories that I love to relive every time I visit.
Sandra W: It`s a haven of tranquility.
Sue B: Powerscourt Gardens is the most magnificent place to visit.You just cant see everything in one visit. As the seasons change the gardens change too. The beautiful thing about the gardens is the familiarity of the gardens, they welcome you each time like an old friend but as you're welcomed in its like you're finding things out about that friend you never knew. Lovely secrets at every turn. Its the one place you can go that you can loose yourself in time. You can visit every garden all at once or just sit back in your amazing surroundings and just watch the world go by. It truly is the closest place to Heaven. It lifts the heart, soothes the soul and energises the body.
Christine MS: Once twice three times a visit....Why and stop there.....It's exquisite !
Arthur R: Yea, so much to see; the lake the gardens and trees, the exquisite Japanese garden, the waterfall the spring freshness the autumn colours and the summer blue skies (even in Wiklow!!)... brilliant!!
Tamasine P: Because you always find something new!
Thanks everyone!
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A Celebration of Christmas at Powerscourt Estate

Posted by Aoife O'Driscoll on Nov 5, 2014 2:43:39 PM

A Celebration of Christmas at Powerscourt Estate

Nothing says ‘Christmas’ like a visit to the atmospheric Powerscourt Estate in County Wicklow with its tree-lined avenue, fir trees and majestic stately home! This year follow the star up the avenue at Powerscourt Estate where you will find a wonderful range of Christmas events for your family.

Christmas in Wicklow


Dating back 800 years, Powerscourt is an enchanting and beautiful place to bring your children. Enjoy a crisp winter walk in Powerscourt Gardens, where 47 acres of discovery and intrigue await. Experience the magic of our Unique and Memorable Santa and his elves and visit his animal friends including the deer and miniature donkeys at the Christmas Stables. Santa and his animals are at Powerscourt from 29th of November until the 23rd of December. Tickets to Santa cost €10 and can be booked online through while there is no cost to visit his animals in the stables at Powerscourt Garden Pavilion.


Popular Irish story-teller and actor Jack Lynch will be at Powerscourt Garden Pavilion on 6th of December at 2.30pm for Christmas Story-telling. Bring along your family and enjoy his repertoire of Christmas tales, from well-known stories to ones that may be new to you! Jack is a founder member and current chairman of Storytellers of Ireland and of the Dublin Yarnspinners.

Christmas in Wicklow

For the home and garden lover in your family, Powerscourt Garden Pavilion has some great Floral Art Classes to give your home the ‘Wow’ factor this Christmas! Using seasonal produce such as ivy and red berries, Orla McGrane and Brenda Joyce from the Association of Irish Floral Artists will create warming wreaths, gorgeous garlands and traditional table pieces to give your home that very personal touch. The talks take place on 19th and 26th of November and 3rd of December at 10.30am in Powerscourt Garden Pavilion and cost €5 per session. Tickets can be booked online in advance on  There’s so much to see and discover with your family at Powerscourt this Christmas. For more information on upcoming events and whats on in wicklow visit

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Wicklow Golf Courses among Winners of ‘European Golf Destination of the Year’

Posted by Aoife O'Driscoll on Nov 4, 2014 2:15:34 PM

Dublin East Coast Golf Alliance has been announced as European Golf Destination of the Year in the annual golf industry “Oscars”, the IAGTO Awards. Members of Dublin East Coast Golf Alliance include Wicklow Golf Clubs, Powerscourt and Druid’s Glen.

More than 540 golf tour operators in 62 countries, all members of the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO) voted Dublin East Coast as the European Golf Destination of the Year in the 2015 IAGTO Awards. The Award recognises the greatest achievements of golf destinations and golf resorts in terms of the experience they deliver to travelling golfers and the professionalism with which the destination and local industry work with golf tour operators.


This prestigious award was presented to Dublin East Coast Golf Alliance Director Aine Mangan at the IAGTO Awards Gala Dinner in Lake Como Italy on Thursday 30th October 2014 on the final night of the International Golf Travel Market.

“It is a great honour to accept this award and a wonderful recognition for the region from the world’s leading golf tour operators” said Mangan. “Dublin East Coast is home to some of the finest parkland and links courses and resorts all within easy access of Dublin International airport and the many attractions our capital city has to offer. Our aim is to consistently provide a great golf experience and warm welcome to our visitors to Ireland.”


Simon Gregory, Tourism Ireland’s Director of Markets, said: “Congratulations to Dublin East Coast Golf Alliance on being named European Golf Destination of the Year for 2015. This is a tremendous honour for the clubs working to promote this part of Ireland – and the superb golf on offer here. The fact that 540 golf tour operators in 62 countries voted for Dublin East Coast Golf Alliance is testament to the superb experience these clubs offer international golfers.

“Ireland has some of the greatest golf courses in the world – so it is wonderful to see them recognised by IAGTO in this way. No doubt this latest accolade for Dublin East Coast Golf Alliance will help to remind golf enthusiasts about our world-class golf, helping to boost golf tourism in 2015 and beyond – to the Dublin East Coast region and indeed, elsewhere around the island.”

Dublin East Coast Golf Alliance is a co-operative marketing group that was established in 2010 to promote Ireland’s Dublin East Coast region as a destination of choice for the golf tourist. By joining forces and working together, this has given a stronger impact internationally and helped explore more international markets. Members of this marketing group include Carton House, Druids Glen, Mount Juliet, Powerscourt, The Island Golf Club and The K Club. DECGA represents this region overseas at over 25 events on an annual basis and coordinates familiarisation trips for journalists, operators and Ambassadors to Ireland.

This region has hosted many prestigious golf tournaments, including the esteemed Irish and European Opens, the Seve Trophy as well as the Ryder Cup in 2006. Dublin East Coast not only has great golf courses but also world-class hotels, restaurants, bars attractions and hospitality and, indeed, most recently its very own Ryder Cup captain, Paul McGinley.

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Bernard Gibbons Scoops “Golf Manager of the Year Award”

Posted by Aoife O'Driscoll on Oct 23, 2014 12:37:58 PM

Powerscourt Golf Club Manager Bernard Gibbons was recognised in the golf industry this week by being awarded the prestigious 2014 “IGTOA Golf Manager of the Year” award. The annual Ireland Golf Tour Operator Association (IGTOA) awards ceremony took place in Knockranny House Westport, with guests including An Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Ryder Cup hero Christy O’Connor Jnr.

Sarah Slazenger Managing Director of Powerscourt Golf Club said of the award "Bernard is an exceptional man as well as an exceptional manager. At Powerscourt we have known for 17 years about his great ability. It is therefore only appropriate that this year Powerscourt has been chosen as Best Parkland Venue and Bernard has been chosen as Golf Manager of the Year. I congratulate Bernard on this special honour."


Bernard Gibbons (General Manager, Powerscourt Golf Club), accepting his award from Shane O’Donoghue (Host of "Living Golf" on CNN)

With nearly 50 years’ experience in the golf industry, Bernard has enjoyed a wide and varied career since beginning as an apprentice to the legendary John Jacobs at age 15 at the driving range in Leopardstown Race Course. His numerous roles have included Golf Professional, RTÉ golf pundit and commentator, Chairman of the Golf Course Owners Association and board member of the Special Olympics Committee. He has been at the helm of Powerscourt for the past 17 years since the golf club opened in 1997.


Bernard Gibbons (General Manager, Powerscourt Golf Club), Denis Kane (Chairman of the Ireland Golf Tour Operator Association)

At the reception Bernard said “From the time I started my golfing career I always wanted to be at the top, whether it was playing the game, teaching, or administration; this award has achieved that for me. I am honoured to have been chosen as Golf Manager of the year, and thank all those who have helped me achieve this honour.”

Some highlights during Bernard’s career at Powerscourt include hosting prestigious tournaments such as the 1998 Irish PGA Championship, won by Padraig Harrington, the 2001 Irish Seniors Open and the 2012 PGA Southern Championship. It has been the venue of choice for many of the Mens’ and Ladies Golfing Unions of Ireland events, as well as the popular annual Powerscourt PGA PRO AM. In 2014, the Golfer’s Guide to Ireland rated Powerscourt ‘Best Parkland Venue in Ireland.’ Powerscourt Golf Club is a member of the East Coast Golf Alliance.

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Coffee Morning for Bray Cancer at Powerscourt raises €1,223.97

Posted by Aoife O'Driscoll on Oct 6, 2014 4:52:39 PM

Health & Wellness Coffee Morning in aid of Bray Cancer Support Centre

Over 120 people came to support a health and wellness morning at Powerscourt Garden Pavilion on 1st October and helped raise €1,223.97 in aid of Bray Cancer Support Centre.


Guests enjoyed a lively morning starting with a talk from the centre’s founder Veronica O’Leary, who was recently honoured with a ‘Community Health Award’ at Wicklow’s People of the Year Awards. There were top tips on the health benefits of all things green including sprouts and wheatgrass from the Happy Pear’s grower Darragh Flynn and well-known nutritionist Isobel Jordan.


Karl Tsigdinos from RTE’s Lyric FM spun a few sounds to a lively Fashion Show including the latest fashions from The Design Loft at Powerscourt Estate, Designer Liz Quin and Jenny Turner Boutique in Enniskerry Village.  Afterwards, guests relaxed at the ESPA nail bar, courtesy of the Powerscourt Hotel.

There was a fantastic raffle and lucky winners went home with prizes including a family membership for Powerscourt Estate, Christmas lanterns from the Garden Pavilion, jewellery from the Design loft, a deluxe Avoca hamper, vouchers for Estate and Global Village Stores in Powerscourt House and Jenny Turner Boutique, a Liz Quin coat and a Happy Pear juicer and cookery book set.



To add some fun to the morning, there was a prize for the best dressed lady in purple, the official colour of the Bray Cancer Support Centre and the winner was Amanda Doyle.

All funds raised from the morning will go to Bray Cancer Support Centre's services in Wicklow and Dublin. Services include counselling, support programmes and complimentary therapies. To find out more visit  


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